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Please find a way the community can contribute to the engine.

FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 276
edited July 2015 in Feature Requests
I know this is a difficult feature request to handle, and will likely never happen.

But after wading through threads all over the place about features people want that will never be done by the devs, I think some variation of allowing access to the gameplay code will be the only way to make them happen.

EG: Multiclassing and Kits, Sorcerer and dual/multiclass, different multiclass combinations: These are frequently requested feature in various threads, modders all say "it's hardcoded", and if I recall the response from the devs basically boils down to "too hard/not worth our time" which is understandable.. however many people do have the time and resources to implement features like this.

If there could be a way to access the sourcecode, even with licences that say "you can only submit patches to us, never release your own executables based on this code or use it in other projects etc etc" that would be awesome.

I can dream, right? =D

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