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Is it possible to give custom soundsets to npc mods?

AWizardDidItAWizardDidIt Member Posts: 165
I hope someone familiar with modding can answer this: I like a lot of npc mods but one thing that turns into sort of a deal breaker for me is if they don't have selection and action sounds. It's fine if all their dialogue isn't voiced (I actually even prefer that) but if I don't click their icon and hear them say anything, it really breaks things for me. I recently was playing with Rhaella's wonderful Adrian mod and while I greatly enjoyed his character, I ended up dropping him because I found his muteness such a sticking point. I figure if I could just stick a (mostly) appropriate sounding custom soundset, that would fix my hangups on the issue.

So instead I'm wondering if it's possible to attribute custom soundsets to an npc character and how you'd go about doing that. Thanks!


  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
    Yes, there is a way, I did that with the Nephele mod back in vanilla BG2.
    I am not entirely sure how I did it, but I think I checked via Near Infinity what her soundfiles would be named, named the soundfiles in question accordingly and then threw them in the override folder.

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