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Using WeiDU, DLTCEP, and NI (Offsets) for custom Strrefs, and D Files.


I'm trying to fix all the custom strings in my mod as well as minimize the differences in code between BGEE and BG2EE.
There are a few areas where I've had to use STRING_SET and I'm trying to remove them all. Below is an example of how I've tried to use offsets in NI to set the strings of certain files I want in both games, and I'm not too sure if I have it right:
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs1.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs1.spl~ SAY 0x8 @124 ~override/embs1.spl~ SAY 0x50 @125
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs1g.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs1g.spl~ SAY 0x8 @126 ~override/embs1g.spl~ SAY 0x50 @127
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs2.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs2.spl~ SAY 0x8 @132 ~override/embs2.spl~ SAY 0x50 @133
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs2g.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs2g.spl~ SAY 0x8 @134 ~override/embs2g.spl~ SAY 0x50 @135
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs3.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs3.spl~ SAY 0x8 @128 ~override/embs3.spl~ SAY 0x50 @129
COPY ~Bladesinger/Spells/embs3g.spl~ ~override~ ~override/embs3g.spl~ SAY 0x8 @130 ~override/embs3g.spl~ SAY 0x50 @131

In addition to spell names/descriptions like above, and custom display strings on items, I'd also like to use this method for "Item Usability [319]", which I've gotten a little creative with. For example, I've got items that are restrictive to certain class/kit, race, and gender combos- but with strrefs in the field "special" that say things such as "IMOEN" or "Red Wizard of Thay." (This is because it's very easy to make a Sarevok only item, but not so much for Imoen apparently. And despite not adding a Red Wizard of Thay kit, I thought it'd be nice to have some roleplay items for Lawful Evil wizards, whether they be Edwin or not.)
I was hoping someone with more experience in NI than myself could tell me which line equates to the field "special" in DLTCEP, it doesn't seem as intuitive as the offsets for display string.

I'm also trying to make a few custom dialogs and this has been the most vexing problem I've had since transitioning from just DLTCEP to WeiDU.
I had a (very simple) sentient item and a cespenar mod working perfectly. Now when the item dialogue is viewed in NI or DLTCEP, it shows me the correct conversation that was working before, the strrefs all match up to what is supposed to be displayed, but in game I only have a few lines working and a bunch of lines displayed as some of my custom item descriptions. I'm about to do a fresh install to fix any problems in my dialog.tlk, but how do I fix these custom dialogs when they appear to be correct in the editors? If I use the offsets for the states and responses, would I just type SAY and the string I want? Or is there more to it due to "Response:" and "Flags: ( Text associated(0) )"?
And what about D Files? I don't know if this is the solution to my problem or not. I know how to compile them, but not so much how to write them. What program is best for the .txt you start with?


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