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Can you fix the container bug that makes many items stack incorrectly?

I'm sure you all know what I'm referring to; when putting stacklable things in containers (scrolls, potions, stackable jewelry/gems, arrows, etc) sometimes (often) it wont stack and just add the item at the bottom of the container's list. Yet the item IDs match because if I manually take out the stackable items from the container, stack them in the inventory, and put it back in the container it works fine.

This has always resulted in a considerable waste of time when playing IE games. For instance if I keep a scroll case with every scroll I find, meet a new mage, hire them and want to use the scrolls in my case to teach them as much magic as possible I'll get tons of 'already knows this spell' that would be easily avoided if we had proper container management. Or if I'm looking in my potion bag for a Potion of Power, I'll find it much more easily if I dont have to go through a list thats 3 times longer because potions arent stacking correctly.

There must be a reason this wasnt fixed in a patch. Surely its because its labor intensive to rework how containers work or some such. But Dragonspear perhaps gives you an opportunity to correct this not-so-mild annoyance, code wise?


  • Roller12Roller12 Member Posts: 437
    im playing iwd and i have noticed exactly the opposite, they properly stack now compared to the original. I was very positively surprised.
  • Avenger_teambgAvenger_teambg Member, Developer Posts: 5,862
    So, the original report is based on an older engine version? Eventually, all engine versions will be consolidated.
  • BlucherBlucher Member Posts: 110
    I do know that, at least in some cases, this is caused by a hidden attribute of the item.

    Buy a potion/scroll, put it in the container.
    Steal another, put it in the container.
    You'll see two stacks.
    Go into the container, and take one out, then the other.
    You'll see just one stack in the inventory.
    Depending on which you took out first (bought or stolen) the combined stack will be considered either bought or stolen.

    In a way this makes it possible to "launder" certain stolen goods.

    This has been the case since BG2: SoA.

    Also created potions/scrolls from the alchemy/scribe scroll ability will also stack separately in containers.
  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 300
    I'd definitely like this fixed for mage scrolls in the containers at least, it was pretty annoying during my last BG:EE run.
  • valamyrvalamyr Member Posts: 130
    I thought I also had the problem in IWDEE but I could be wrong on that count. I'm definitely more of a BG player (though IWDEE is a whole new game with the 5 NPCs mod that breathes new life into the party)

    If its already fixed there I guess they'll port in the fixes with the 1.4 Dragonspear patches to BG and BG2 and I already have my answer then!
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