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¤¤¤ Looking for friends to play with ¤¤¤

GallimarGallimar Member Posts: 43
edited August 2015 in Multiplayer
Hello, me and my friends are starting a new fresh game. We are all very experienced within the game and we play casually but with progress, not tooo much slacking =).
Im making a Fighter/Thief Gnome and one of my friends is making a Ranger/Cleric, the other friend is making a Mage/Cleric. The only rule we have is that you're not allowed to merge a mage class with a fighter class (Blade included). Other then that, make whatever you want! =)
We play mostly from 15:00 - 20:00 mon-thur.. On weekends we can play more ofcourse =)
Add me on skype if you are interested, Gallimar3 (Im from sweden)

We wont start the game untill weve got 4 players (we have 3 now).
Oh and wel be playing through BG1 for the tomes, then importing to BG2

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