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Cast interviews?

Since we're seeing some of the cast return to reprise their roles, would it be possible to have them interviewed about their experience with Baldur's Gate? I'd love to hear from people like David Warner and Kevin Micheal Richardson on their roles of Irenicus and Sarevok both with the original and the new Enhanced Editions. It would be interesting to hear how they and the other actors saw and approached their roles and created lasting characters like Minsc, Jaheira and Viconia etc.



  • RedGuardRedGuard Member Posts: 672
    edited August 2015
    @AndrewFoley I'm not necessarily picturing full comprehensive and on cam interviews. I'd be happy with a short e-mail or letter with a handful of questions about Baldur's Gate, their work as voice actors etc. Just a little something. Even if, like @BelgarathMTH says, they don't really recall the original, a couple of general questions on what they think of reprising their roles could be interesting.

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