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Monks: some comments



  • YannirYannir Member Posts: 595
    Amberion said:

    I have read(untested by me) that it's linked to reputation. If you have a normal/high reputation(over 10) then you will get the 'good' spells. If your reputation is bad, you will get the 'evil' spells. However, in your case, I suspect it's also linked to alignment. An evil person with a good reputation would get a mixture. Needs more testing.

    That's actually more linked to BG than BG2. From what I know, in BG you gain the abilities one by one, and the reputation you have at that moment dictates what ability you gain. If you start straight out in BG2 however, alignment dictates your reputation, and so, it also dictates what abilities you gain. The randomness that seemingly happens is based on assumptions on the choices you made in BG, even if you never played it with the given character. For example, a given quest has a lawful choice and an evil choice, but your alignment is Lawful Evil. If you take the evil path, you gain a "red" ability, but if you take the lawful path, you gain a "blue" ability.

    This is just pure theory now, I haven't even played BG. It's just how I reason the seeming randomness.

  • T2avT2av Member Posts: 202

    I wonder why it's so random for certain alignments, I always seem to get the same stuff with Chaotic Neutral (my favourite) but others don't. It can make it a pain to create a solo character since you basically need DUHM to open any locks if you aren't a thief.

    I also noticed that pregenerated characters don't seem to get Bhaalspawn abilities at all for some reason.

    Horror + DuhM are the greatest bhaalspawn powers.. Hands down. Especially since I solo 95% of my games. Horror is a lifesaver early on .. Duhm opens stuff + is a free heal if you reach20 constitution. Therefore Lawful Evil is probably the best alignment for solos.

    I play chaotic neutral from time to time.. I'm pretty sure that's pretty ‘chaotic'/random with the powers too.

  • sparrow13xsparrow13x Member Posts: 120
    Yeah in BG you would get different abilities based on your reputation (and choices?) as you progress but in BG2 you don't have any control over your rep outside of your alignment at the start of the game. But in BG2 it doesn't really have an effect on the abilities no matter how high or low your rep gets, at least as far as I know.

    The ideal combination of abilities in my opinion is DUHM, cure poison, and vampiric touch. Cure light wounds is good when playing solo to patch up a bit and/or not rest for 16 days every time you hit Z to heal.

  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,773
    In BG1, it's based on reputation. In BG2, it's based on alignment, with some variation due to chance.

  • AnonymousHeroAnonymousHero Member Posts: 94
    FrdNwsm said:

    Oh, you can certainly play a monk through to the end, I m sure, with the right supporting NPCs.

    Not that I disagree that monks are kind of a weird (and "unfinished", in some sense) class, but you can basically solo BG1 + BG2 with a monk. (I should know, having *almost* done it. Fell to a Balor's vorpal the final fight in BG2. This was with SCS/SCSII too -- I should think it's a lot easier with vanilla AI. The issue with the Balor was that it was an aTweaks modded demon which meant instant Teleport To Player every single round... and I wasn't aware of the 5-10% vorpal hit thing, so I wasn't careful enough when kiting it. I'm pretty confident that I could have completed the final fight if it hadn't been for that misstep. Aaaaaanyway...)

  • sorcerinsorcerin Member Posts: 58
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  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 718
    Do you remember the name of this mod? I remember also using it for a Monk many, many years ago before the enhanced editions, before Tutu, etc. I also found it fun and it added to my RP of a monk.

  • sorcerinsorcerin Member Posts: 58
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  • FrdNwsmFrdNwsm Member Posts: 1,069
    edited September 2015
    I should like to point out that when you access your sun soul abilities in game, the description of the sun soul ray is incorrect. It states that the damage is done to a single target; this information is completely wrong. It's actually a cone shaped AOE spell, similar to cone of cold. The first time I used it I hit several of my own party, including several summoned skeletal warriors, who promptly turned hostile. This rather misleading description needs to be changed.

    The description of the ability on the character generation/kit description screen is more accurate, in that is says nothing about "single target", just stating that a ray emanates from the monk's palm. It does not, however, give any parameters for the area that the beam will cover. One could benefit from knowing how wide and how far the beam will reach.

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