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Impossible to locate saved game on Ipad

Heya everyone.

Searched a little bit on the forums but couldn't find the answer to my problem. (and the topic on general is not exactly successfull ... :'( )

I currently have an ipad air 2 on IOS9 non rooted, and i'm using IfunBox.
I can't see baldur's gate 2 folder in shared programs.
I can't find it in itunes either.

It was working perfectly fine with my ipad mini before, but it's not visible with the new one.

I tryed to re install BG2 severall times, without success.

I'm playing baldur's gate 2 currently, but would like to transfert my save to the computer and vice versa (for portraits too by the way)
Edit: I was... Since i deleted bg2 from the ipad to test re install, i loosed my saved game.

Do you ever had such a problem?
How to fix? And to finally see BG2 offering me to transfer files?
I see some programs in shared folder such as Icewindale. but no BG2.

Thank you very much for any ideas


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