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[Not An Issue] This a known bug?? Very strange...

MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
edited October 2015 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.3.2064)
Okay so... just started a new game in Irenicus dungeon to test a few things.

Equiped War Hammer from the weapons table over by the golem on my main, it says 1d4+1 dmg, so its 2-5 dmg for no STR modifier. Strangely he does much more than 5 damage when I'm attacking Jaheira or Imoen (doesn't seem to proc on Minsc).

Can anyone confirm this and how widely does this damage bug affects the game, if its known?

No mods, no proficiency on my main, core rules. I'm really puzzled by this.

Edit: So went to the table and got the spear for Jaheira, again it does more damage than possible when she attacks my main or Imoen (and again it doesn't seem to happen when attacking Minsc).

I mean WTF¿?

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