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junk data from BG1 scripts in BG2, wrong script attached to ARE

switswit Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 394
Following scripts have BG1 data. Should be either deleted or made empty:
- AR0514.BCS
- AR2001.BCS

AR2001.ARE has AR0001.BCS (not existing) script attached. Should be AR2001.BCS

BG2:EE already fixed a lot of such errors, so I consider it a worth thing to report.



  • switswit Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 394
    Above mentioned things can be harmful because there are ARE files that are used in BG2:EE to which this leftover code is attached.

    Additionally there are 33 leftover ARE scripts that are harmless (area existing only in BG:EE, not in BG2:EE), but I think it's still worth deleting them from BG2:EE in order to make Near Infinity search feature more reliable for modders (no fake reports, faster search):
    AR0100.BCS, AR0101.BCS, AR0103.BCS, AR0106.BCS, AR0108.BCS, AR0111.BCS, AR0112.BCS, AR0114.BCS, AR0115.BCS, AR0119.BCS, AR0121.BCS, AR0123.BCS, AR0125.BCS, AR0128.BCS, AR0130.BCS, AR0137.BCS, AR0138.BCS, AR0145.BCS, AR0146.BCS, AR0149.BCS, AR0153.BCS, AR0608.BCS, AR0612.BCS, AR1803.BCS, AR2301.BCS, AR2609.BCS, AR2611.BCS, AR2626.BCS, AR3300.BCS, AR3304.BCS, AR3352.BCS, AR5400.BCS, AR5405.BCS

  • ALIENALIEN Member Posts: 563
    Basically, swit done all the work for you. Just take it.

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