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Advice on dealing with Draconis please (spoilers)

The situation is this: I can chop up his human form and all his summons easily but when he assumes dragon form I keep getting my chewed up backside handed to me on a plate.

I've got one fighter that can stand toe-to-toe with him and do serious damage without getting wing-buffeted, but Draconis just keeps going invisible and healing himself.

I can keep my two casters (Edwin and Viconia) out of harms way but their spells just bounce off him, and Breach etc. doesn't seem to have any effect. Their summons (Planetar etc.) can hurt him but again he just does the invisible/heal trick.

I've got a sneaking feeling that I need to try either Time Stop or a Sequencer - neither of which I've ever used before (I'm ashamed to admit).
Am I thinking along the right lines? Any advice about using the aforementioned spells would be welcome.



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