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9 familiars?

I had a pretty cool idea for a build, someone who is 'nonopolar', that is, has 9 distinct personalities, which happen to match the 9 possible alignments in BG, ranging from lawful good to chaotic evil.

Obviously this person starts life as a berzerker, however after some landmark insight (possibly as a result of being tortured by a hugely powerful mage?), they choose to train as a mage themselves. Revenge, and lust for power (and revenge) features strongly here. Revenge is also something of a priority. Possibly also retribution. Also the neutralising of a great evil for the public good. With extra Payback. Also revenge.

Anyway, I rolled up a zerker, using the Valen image, following the pale skin and black hair, then hit on the perfect name - Polar. This ties in with her favorite damage type, which is cold. (Can't waste time looting if there's no loot).

This brings us to another wrinkle, which is that I want to limit inventory, so each familiar has a reserved position in her pack. Also, no containers allowed at all. It goes without saying no familiar pickpocketing exploits to carry stuff.

I was lazy on stats, 21 INT, 18:50 STR, 15 DEX, 12 CON, 9 WIS, 6 CHA.

Finally, the familiars. I summoned the first, saved, and looked at the save in shadowkeeper. Only thing I could see was a global variable TUTFAM01 = 1. No affects, no states. I edited this to xTxUxTxFxAxMx0x1x, and changed the alignment, but still can't summon a second familiar. Thoughts?


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