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Deep trouble

I am in Dragon's Eye and I have found the missing townsfolk but I entered second level and ran into a mass of trolls. What is the best way to kill trolls? I managed by sure dumb luck to kill the first few but When I near rhe place where I think is the last battle in DE A whole mess of them came out and I did not have a chance. I know I have to dinish the first level and figure out how to kill the fire beetles. I don't think my characters will go up a level by clearing the first level and I still will havce to deal with the trolls and the second level. Any help would be appreciated.


  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 290
    Lots of crowd control and aoe worked for me. Webs, spike growths, those fire flasks...

  • madgamermadgamer Member Posts: 32
    I once read in the paper "cheer up things could br worse". So I cheered up and things indeed got worse.
    UH?....."spike groyhs?"

  • GrumGrum Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,099
    Step 1:

    For the big fight against the priestess of Talona and the Trolls, don't charge into the pyramid. Just to the north there is a natural defensive points with lots of rocks on the ground. This blocks the passage so that no more than 2-3 characters can fit through.

    Have the fight take place there.

    Step 2:

    Before the fight, choose 1 character who will be killing the downed trolls. If nobody can cast fire spells, give one person every one of the fire bombs that dropped on level 1. Proceed to buff your party.

    Step 3:

    Send 1 person down to get everyone's attention and pull them to your defensive position. Don't turn on auto attack until the trolls are up to your lines. You don't want your front liners to charge forward and get surrounded.

    Step 4:

    Tank them. Your front liners should be able to weather the troll attacks, especially with a healer behind. If you have good aim, AOE the trolls. If not, just beat them down. Remember that you have one person whose job it is to kill the trolls.

    I personally like to keep auto attack off for this. It takes more micro management, but it ensures that you don't have someone who keeps hitting a knocked down troll.

    And thats it. Defensive position, buff, fire/acid to keep the trolls down. Don't let yourself be drawn into a position where you can be surrounded and you should be fine.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,084
    @madgamer: I couldn't tell from your post if you knew, so I'll mention it here. Trolls will never die unless you use fire or acid on them. And the fire or acid has to hit them after they've fallen down; not before. This might be why you had trouble killing them. Hit them until they slump down and lie on their side. Then use a fire flask on them, or a fire or acid spell. Melf's Acid Arrow, Burning Hands, Sunscorch, Agannazar's Scorcher, Fireball, and Melf's Minute Meteors can all accomplish this. If your party can't cast these spells, you might want to create a new party member, a druid or mage or sorcerer, and select Burning Hands and Sunscorch so they can finish off the Trolls on behalf of the rest of the party.

    If you're in EE in Single Player mode, you can't create a new character, but there's a workaround:

    Go to the "save" folder in your IWD:EE folder (it will probably be in your Documents folder) and find your save file. The save file is also a folder. Copy that save folder and paste it into the "mpsave" folder in your IWD:EE folder. You can then load that game in Multiplayer mode rather than Single Player mode, and add a new character that way. Then, save and leave the game. You can copy the resulting save file, now in your "mpsave" folder, and paste it back into your "save" folder. Now your original save is back in Single Player mode, but it has the new character as well.

    If you already have 6 characters, you'll have to replace one of them. But first, export them, so you can import them back in later (you have to move it back to the "mpsave" folder and open it in Multiplayer mode to do so) and replace the level 1 character you created to take down Trolls. There's an "Export" button on the Record screen, which lets you save a character file, and move that character to another save file in the future. During character creation, either at the start of a Single Player game or in the middle of a Multiplayer game, there is an "Import" button at the bottom you can use to re-create that character. This will copy all of the character's items along with them... but not containers or quest items, so make sure you don't remove or replace that character before you move all such items in their inventory over to another party member.

    Also, you might be having trouble if you don't have many fighters in your group. If you've got a very caster-heavy party, you will probably benefit from only fighting a small number of Trolls at a time. Note that Chromatic Orb will paralyze the Trolls, and though they can't fall down during the paralysis, you will get automatic hits on them while they're paralyzed, regardless of your THAC0. Web does much the same.

    IWD is known for throwing out lots of enemies at once, so it's common for a party to get overwhelmed.

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