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Repost LFG

Puma_SPNKrPuma_SPNKr Member Posts: 45
I'm looking for someone(s) to play with. Although I know the more people involved the harder it becomes to get a game going, I'd be happy to play with just one other person. I'm down for BGEE, BG2EE, or IWDEE. I'd prefer to play them in that order, although it really doesn't matter.

I'm available most night (US Eastern Time) and I prefer to play with SCS and Item Randomiser installed. Maybe even Item Revisions and Spell Revision mods too. None of these are necessary if someone doesn't want them though, I can just uninstall them.

I prefer pure Mage as my class, just for tradition's sake, but am definitely willing to experiment (no homo) with other classes depending on party compilation/NPC use.

And I'm pretty much available to start immediately (excluding any downtime to (un)install mods.

So yeah, let a brotha know!



  • greenbeans8greenbeans8 Member Posts: 19
    edited November 2015
    Hello Puma_SPNKr, I am also looking for a group for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition currently because I have not yet purchased the enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate I and II. I will consider purchasing the license to play them on an android. I do not use modifications on the enhanced edition of Icewind Dale. I would be more than happy to join your group session on any of the role playing table top based video games. I have a thief player character that may or may not dual class into a wizard. However for the time being, I am only able to play Dungeons and Dragons for android on Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for modern touch pads and mobile phones.

    It wouldn't be bad to think about setting a group session for...

    The month of November
    The year 2015

    Today is November the 7th, maybe we can plan out a group sooner or later, if not by next month I will likely have Baldur's Gate I and II. Fucken transit pass monthly payment... but I'm not trippin' at least it works for more than only one bus stop. Have a wonderful week mr. Puma_SPNKr, and please do let me know if you're interested in a video gaming session for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition. It helps me maintain an occupied mind without worrying too much.

    If anyone else is looking for a group, please let me know the password to a server or what day a new beginning of Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition might begin. Thank you my fellow dorks, geeks, nerds, ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals.

  • greenbeans8greenbeans8 Member Posts: 19
    edited November 2015
    Thank you Hasbro and Mattel.

  • Puma_SPNKrPuma_SPNKr Member Posts: 45
    @greenbeans8 I would actually be up for that. I have beaten IWD1 years ago but never the EE. Do you have skype(for real time messaging)? You can download it for your phone and use it as a messenger.

  • DoomiathDoomiath Member Posts: 10
    I am in for BGEE and then BGEE2. I can play almost every day but not always the same time of the day :smile: (Weird work shifts) Is that ok with you?

  • Puma_SPNKrPuma_SPNKr Member Posts: 45
    It is, however I do have a play through going with someone right now. You are more than welcome to join (we're headed to Nashkel mines today) however we have severely modded out games with SCS, NPC project, UB, and Item Randomizer. If you're down for the 30-45 min install for these, you can definitely join. @Doomiath

  • DoomiathDoomiath Member Posts: 10
    @Puma_SPNKr Oh I am down alright! Cool, Want to give you my Skype or something?

  • HarelsHarels Member Posts: 2
    im intresting in playing BG2:EE contact me ...

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