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ISO Interesting NPCs in Sigil for PnP game

marcellusmarcellus Member Posts: 22
I'm DMing a 5th ed PnP game in the Planescape setting, and I want to know if any berks out there could liven up the Cage with some color and flavor.

Tiefling companion in the red light light district? Rogue modron bartender?

... see, my ideas suck. Can anyone help a DM with writers block?


  • SharguildSharguild Member Posts: 186
    edited December 2015
    Wow, your intentions are to be very much commended!
    I don't have any of my notes in front of me right now so I am probably going to slaughter the spelling of some of the exotic names I'll include, apologies in advance.
    Some NPCs worth considering might be;

    - a renegade Dabus, like Fell ( in PS:T) he's broken away from the herd; and is now causing damage throughout Sigil vice repairs. Perhaps damaging portals. Perhaps The Lady is looking for him and can't nail him down due to a particular charm he found ( that turned him this way).

    - a Tiefling smuggler, smuggling in "Black Lotus" drugs (see Baldur's Gate) that the Harmonium is searching for. Has a price on his/her head and difficult to find but through contacts, can also smuggle people in/out through portals to a particular destination, for the right price.

    - an Abishai deserter, on the run from the Blood War and is being tracked down by minions on orders from a Pit Fiend. Has a VERY valuable artifact in its possession that it will sell for a guarantee of safe harbour.

    - a Bariaur stable owner. Will provide mounts/gear "of discriminating tastes" to the right buyer for the right price. Very trustworthy but has a skeleton in the closet that could destroy his enterprise if found out.

    - a murderous Dustman, this guy is a little impatient waiting for folk to accept the "True Death" so is willing to help them along. The Dustmen know he is around but can't discover his identity.They want to find him before the Harmonium does or the publicity will hurt their operations and reputation.

    - Xaotist coup, The Factol has quite obviously gone insane, not just strange, murderously crazy. Xaotist Bar'Gen is looking for assistance in "removing" this impediment.

    - Cranium rats have essentially taken over a mausoleum/crypt owned by a reputable family in Sigil. They are keen to eliminate the pests before word gets out. A burial is planned for the immediate future and they want this problem eliminated before they can proceed. Thing is, the rats are not alone...

    - a Mage has possibly just murdered a Harmonium Guard and has been arrested. Not everyone is convinced he did it. He might be the fall-guy for a sinister adversary but he won't talk and is willing to risk death. Find out who and why.

    - a Tiefling scout just back from the Blood War has discovered her entire identity has been usurped by another. Since she has no friends to vouch for her, she is seeking help to regain her identity. She also has a short time to do it as the usurper has discovered she has a legacy worth a fortune and is about to claim it.

    - a Githzerai from Limbo has discovered that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped by some Githyanki and they are not seeking a reward, they want him to commit suicide due to an old feud, in order to release his family.
    He needs your help. A certain Modron knows of a way out of this dilemma.

    Just a few ideas.
    Hope this helps.

    Best to ya Cutter

  • marcellusmarcellus Member Posts: 22
    edited December 2015
    Thank you! I'm using all of them.

    I think I've got one that doesn't suck, too. An insane imp who brings his hallucinations to life as illusions. These illusions introduce a xaositect who's part of the plot involving the arrested mage above.

    This campaign is gonna rock. :)

  • SharguildSharguild Member Posts: 186
    Best to ya berk!

    I just also happened to notice a thread titled "One Hundred Adventures..." on this site that could probably provide worthwhile inspiration as well, if you put a few Sigil oriented twists to them (possibly you noticed as well). We have some VERY talented people that hang out on this Forum!!!

    One instance I also recall from my old PnP days that was very rewarding, involved a party member (she volunteered) to have been captured by a Night Hag and her slavers when we visited the Grey Wastes and was to be sold into slavery to a Pit Fiend. Rescue time is in order but just using brute force is not gonna cut it.

    You could easily enough change it to Sigil ( though the Grey Wastes was probably one of my favourite locales in all Planescape) and have it be an important NPC vice a party member. The party member captured did have key involvement though during the operation, so one member of your group might be enticed by the idea of being the captive.

    Just a thought.

    All the best in your campaign! I miss my PnP days....

  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190
    Had an adventure go to Sigil once, but I ended up not having time to continue writing that campaign, and eventually moved on to writing others when I had more time.

    Anyway, there's always Tom Tomlin, the halfling pickle merchant who warned my players to get the Hells out of the Lady of Pain's way when they appeared in the middle of the road she was floating through. He gave them some information about Sigil and taught them some of the lingo.

  • marcellusmarcellus Member Posts: 22
    I have a collection of classic modules, 1st and 2nd edition mostly, in various settings. My favorite part of Planescape is that Sigil offers plenty of intrigue and adventure in its own right, but if I ever feel like DMing in Ravenloft or Dark Sun, nobody needs to roll different characters. I can weave it into the campaign.

    I'm 35, done with DnD for the most part, but my nephew asked if I could teach him the game. I'm DMing Sundays for several 14-year-old boys. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun. I kinda think I'm in "thing we remember forever" territory with my nephew, too.

    I'll check out that thread you recommended. Thank you, for your help, you really got things started. My writer's block is gone. I'm having no trouble at all coming up with ways to terrorize a group of rowdy 9th graders. :)

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,279
    I would read a lot of Neil Gaiman's stuff and add a fallen deity or two in the story.

  • SharguildSharguild Member Posts: 186
    edited December 2015
    Hi @DJKajuru;
    I like your idea for a high level party but perhaps @marcellus is looking to keep things a bit grounded since he mentioned 14 year olds just starting out. At least on start .
    Truthfully, I'm overwhelmed that a group of this age level have interest in;
    1. PnP, and
    2. Planescape, the most complex PnP ever devised.

    I have utmost respect for these young gentlemen (and ladies?) and wish them the absolute best in their efforts. I think they have an outstanding Tutor and DM in Marcellus and assuredly get a warm and fuzzy knowing a new generation of folk are battling the planes via Planescape.


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,279
    Oh @Sharguild , I didn't mean for the fallen deities be either allies or foes, but elements of mistery and self-reflection, or even to add a bit of mythology to the story. And I agree with you, I started playing Ps:T when I was 11 years old and it was a real inspiration.

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