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This game is superb

playing IWD 1 for the first time (in EE of course).

I always heard it's poor man dungeon crawler and that the story is lacking but it's actually got a very enjoyable narrative.
The story so far is pretty good (just started chapter 1) and the npcs are lively with their unique lines and those exploration missions like in the first village with the "Dreamy fisherman".

Gameplay wise the EE version works great and without any bugs at all. many features added compared to the original version.

Right now I made a group consisting of:
Paladin\Cavalier - Two Hander
Priest of Tempus (works well with the plot) - Hammer and shield
Dwarven Defender - shield and axe
Dragon Disciple caster with sling
Shadowdancer with shortbow
Bard\skald with longbow

as it happens my melee guys (mostly the dwarf) charge first while the paladin and the priest block the passage and then while the skald and the priest boost the team and de-boost the enemies my theif and mage range damaging and kill stuff very quickly.

so far very enjoyable, well done.



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