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Planar Prison - Raelis' party missing

Writing this post 'cause I only found scripting bugs posted by others (Raelis not porting people out, not Raelis *not even being there*). Sorry if someone else already reported this.

Cleared the whole prison. Went to Raelis' cell. Only Haer Dalis was there. When I talk to him, he asks the "are you sure you want me to leave your group?" speech.

Here's the situation. Not sure if I have to mention [POTENTIAL SPOILERS] or not, but will just in case.
1. iOS version, played on iPad Air 2. No console commands, so that's not even an option.
2. Before entering prison, I had Haer in party. Took him in when rescuing.
3. During the fight in front of rift, Haer died.
4. Fight ended, and Haer was automagically Raised (he had 1 HP) and removed from my party.
5. Left to do other Qs (to fill the 6th slot).
6. Came back several Rests later (didn't keep track of exact time passing)
7. Entered with a full party (Player-Mage, Minsc, Anomen, Yoshimo, Rasaad, Valygar)
8. Cleared prison. Did it in a few different ways. (1. Invisibility 10"-ing and hitting Master of Thralls from the tunnel between Master room and Warden room, 2. straight forward ploughing through thalls, wyvern, Master, then Warden.)
9. Always, only Haer is in last cell.

iOS version doesn't have file sharing enabled, so I can't copy saved game files over through iTunes to finish this on PC (only IWD shows up in iTunes file sharing, and it is empty, which is bad considering I have saved games on that, too. Separate issue, though).

Fortunately, Auto-Save is right before entering portal, so I can avoid the whole area,

but the **items** and XP... this needs to be fixed. Especially considering console commands and other cheats don't work on the iOS version (as workarounds).



  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,787
    I stepped through this as indicated (Haer'Dalis killed during portal combat, auto-raised, recruit a full party, enter the Planar Prison) and Raelis is there. The party and Haer'Dalis are transported back to the inn and the remove party dialogue happens there.

    I'll have a look at the Prison and see if I can work out why Raelis may be absent for you. I assume entering with a spare party slot doesn't help?

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