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BG1 NPC Project; Jozzi Seasnake

First off, allow me to say how good this little quest is, well written and fits (for me) into BG perfectly. It has the right "feel" to it (unlike anything Neera utters for instance).
First time I found her, didn't even realise it was the mod, thought it was something I'd somehow missed over the years.
Plus the boomarang dagger is so good for Edwin, in particular, I spent ages looking for it in BG2 last playthrough, no such luck though.

Any chance it could be extended into BG2 and you meet her again in the Sauhagin city?
Ultimately of course I'd like to reunite her with Keth'Sim (perhaps in Sudanesselar?).

Would even like her as a joinable NPC, an evil assasin??


  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    If I remember correctly this was (and is) exactly the case if you used the mod in conjunction with a BG Trilogy install. You can't recruit her, but if you help her she shows up again later on, like in the Sauhagin city. It doesn't work with the EE or any other non-Trilogy version though, probably partially because unless you play BGT the game has no way to keep track of whether ot not you meet and help Jozzi. I guess this content could be added to BG2 on the assumption that you help her, if someone else got permission from the mod creator to do it.

  • CaeriaCaeria Member Posts: 201
    Jozzi is in BG2 if you use Domi's Kivan mod, which has been updated to work with EE. However, you have to take Kivan along for her to show up. She is not a joinable NPC, but she does have a little quest.

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