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Multiple issues with BG:EE on Win7 via Bootcamp


So I'm unable to enable CLUA, which could solve most of my other issues (probably all).
I've been all through
and I'm unable to get console commands active.

I've updated the Baldur .ini, it is saving.
I added the following lines
Program Options Debug Mode 1
Program Options, Debug Mode, 1,
'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',
Debug Mode=1

Nothing works. I've tried opening console with Ctrl+Shift+Space, Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+M+Enter, Ctrl+M THEN enter, Ctrl+Tab. You name it, I've tried it. No go.

I am running Win 7 on a MacBook Air via Bootcamp. Playing on BG:EE

My issue is I haven't played BG in a long time & I forgot what is & isn't vital.
I killed the priestess of umberlee to retrieve the boy. I took the gae scroll & not sure WHY, but I sold it for 1 gp. I assumed it was for a quest she COULD'VE given me had I made other choices. That was before I even met Merck & Lothanar. Now Lothanar has informed me I'm poisoned & I have 10 days to live. (You see where this is going)...

Anyway, I've looked all through the shops I can think of that even buy scrolls, hoping they still had it in stock, I either can't find it or it isn't there.

I either need to find a way to enable CLUA console commands or a workaround for this quest or my game is broken. Plain & simple.

Also, Scar is non-existant after he gave me the sewer quest. I'm told with CLUA you could spawn him & end the quest, but again, I can't make CLUA work.

Any suggestions welcome. Ty.



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