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Just a thought: for those playing through BGEE for SoD, a good choice would be to take Safana



  • NhullNhull Member Posts: 37
    I've ended up dropping Imoen, well anyone 'canon' and picked up Safana, Branwen, as a threesome, and then Baeloth once I hit 5. I was going to Dual Class my PC (Fighter/Cleric was the plan) but I'm slogging through leveling Safana as a Thief/Mage, and this lasts level is killing me...

  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356

    I could almost see going with Shar-Teel, except for her Evilness.

    If I use Shar-Teel at all (not often, because I don't run Evil often), then I do tend to dual her to Thief, but my preference is to dual her late (i.e. F7->T). That's (obviously) not for the purpose of taking maximum advantage of her potential as a Thief, it's for extra weapon proficiencies to make her a better Fighter (and indeed makes her terrific for the end-game).

    Including Shar-Teel(F7->T) and Imoen(T7->M) as permanent members of the same party is something I don't normally do (because I don't take Imoen on Evil runs) ... but actually I have completed one run which did that, quite recently. It does actually turn out to be feasible to use a late-dualled Shar-Teel to cover for Imoen's dual-classing downtime, but you have to very careful about what order you do things in, for example leaving a lot of untrapped outdoor areas to explore during the period after Imoen has dualled but before (or soon after) Shar-Teel has dualled (and therefore has no or feeble Thief skills), and various other rather meta-gamey planning considerations. It doesn't require any cheating or cheesiness other than meta-gaming the sequence of events, but it does require some care and concentration.

    Safana is definitely the easiest and earliest after Imoen and Montaron.

    Well, yes, but I don't generally include NPCs in my party for prolonged periods unless they're permanent members, because it feels like too much of a "waste" of XP. And I don't tend to include Safana as a permanent member when I've also got Imoen, although (again!) I've done this once and it worked fine.

    Of course Montaron is another Thief well-placed to provide cover for Imoen's dual-classing downtime, since you get him early enough to develop his skills however you wish. But IIRC, I've never taken Imoen and Montaron as permanent members of the same party. Perhaps if I again take Imoen on an Evil run sometime, then I'll try this approach.

    Much more often, I take Coran to cover for Imoen's dual-classing downtime, because it's easy to justify keeping Coran in the party (for his excellent combat abilities) even after Imoen gets her Thief skills back.

    With Branwen, you'd need to reach Baldur's Gate and by then you've got all the other options.

    Now that's one I've never done and probably never will do, since she'd need the DEX tome. I always play with the intention of continuing my protagonist through the full saga, so all stat tomes always go to my protagonist. But even if I were willing to sacrifice the DEX tome to make Branwen a Thief, it'd be quite difficult to get it soon enough that there'd still be time to make her a good enough Thief to cover your needs before it was time to dual-class Imoen ... although, thinking about it, yes, it ought to be feasible with (again) some meta-gaming of the sequence of events.

  • ArcalianArcalian Member Posts: 357
    I think Safana is quite used to being taken.


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