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Yes, I know its probably been asked WAAAY to much, but aside from the usual 'what level should I dual class my character to xxxxx?'

My question is : what dual classes do YOU find exciting?

Anyone If it's possible?) dual classed a bard to a sorcerer? bard to a ranger? wizard slayer to a mage? or barbarian to mage?

Has anyone made their own Death Knight? Warlock? or Duelist?


  • inethineth Member Posts: 519
    edited January 2016

    My question is : what dual classes do YOU find exciting?

    Berserker->Mage and Berserker->Druid always work nicely... :)

    Swashbuckler->Fighter can give you a Fighter with less hitpoints but better armor class and some thieving skills.

    bard to a sorcerer? bard to a ranger? [...] barbarian to mage?

    Not possible. Dual-classes are restricted to the same class combinations as multi-classes, and those are hardcoded in the game (so not even mods can add new ones).

    Edit: For the record, these are the possible combinations:


    Each works both ways, so you can have either Fighter->Thief or Thief->Fighter. Only the starting class can have a kit.

    The most comprehensive discussion of the pros and cons of the various multi- and dual-class choices is probably this wiki page.

    wizard slayer to a mage?

    Wizard Slayers are kinda useless in these game (unless you install the "Wizard Slayer Rebalancing" mod).

    Even more so in Icewind Dale where there are few mage battles...

  • fireandsteel73fireandsteel73 Member Posts: 31
    I like the sound of a berserker - druid/mage.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,776
    Berserker->mage, Kensai->mage, Kensai->thief, Swashbuckler->fighter, and Swashbuckler->mage are the standard super-powergaming dual classes. Add ranger->cleric if you are playing with the .ini option that gives that combo access to high-level druid spells.

    Me, I think those are all really boring. I like more outlandish stuff like mage->thief, thief->cleric, etc.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,884
    i like doing the swashbuckler to fighter one and then giving that character the throwing axe +2, because they are so many enemy hordes that you fight, having infinite ammo is just convenient and swashbuckler/ fighters are just extra kicks in the pants for damage output

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    For IWDee:
    Kensei 9/Druid (Druid kicks arse)
    Berserker 7/Cleric
    Kensei 9/Mage

    Round this party out with a FMT, illusionist/cleric and a Skald and you have the best possible party for HoF mode IMO.

  • OzzyBotkinsOzzyBotkins Member Posts: 396
    I'm thinking about trying a Bounty Hunter to Fighter Duel
    Any one ever try it
    I have always done the fighter first

  • NotabarbiegirlNotabarbiegirl Member Posts: 143
    My favorite character is a 1/2 Elf Cleric/Ranger.

  • KenjiKenji Member Posts: 248
    Always go for the crippled classes:
    Fallen Paladin / Fallen Archer

    On topic and for more practical purposes:
    I did Thief -> Fighter once, at level7 Thief with 100% lockpick/trap disarm and the rest into stealth before dual-classing to Fighter. I only changed the avatar/paper doll from fighter to thief just so the hood would show in chainmails.

  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 3,542
    The only dual-classes that really interrest me are those that aren't allowed, so I play more with multiclasses and edit in kits to make it interresting.

    If bards were allowed to dual class, I would have loved to make thief to bard and/or fighter to bard and edited the bard kit. Same with monks, paladins/blackguards, rangers (to druid, mage or from thief), sorcs etc.

  • JurisJuris Member Posts: 113
    edited January 2016
    My favorite was Fi9 -> Thief. 5 slots in longsword (grand mastery?). Rogues warp in levels so she quickly regained her fighter abilities (and had fighter hit points). Even though she was a rogue she could keep putting points into longbow after lvl 9 and was eventually a grand master in that (with a couple points in single-weapon style for extra crits). Switching from longsword to longbow without having to swap out shields or secondary weapons was very convenient. Fairly insane backstab damage she could solo most combats by using the boots of speed to escape and re-hide. I thought about Kensai or Berserker but I wanted to use a longbow, because bows are insane too.

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