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Expected mod compatibility?

Hello, I was just thinking about starting a BG:EE run soon with a character to be run with SoD, and this question occurred to me. I've already heard, if I didn't misunderstand something, that SCS is not expected to be compatible at release because of Beamdog's changing the AI for SoD.

I like to play with BG1 weapon proficiencies, from BG2 Tweaks, and to occasionally use EE Keeper to change NPC classes and stats. Will these mods and others be automatically compatible with SoD, or will having a character made with them mess everything up in SoD? What if you've changed NPC proficiencies and stats? Would SoD just erase the modded NPC's in favor of vanilla instances of those NPC's, or what? Would they be bugged with pips in the wrong places when exported-imported?

Is it maybe safest to just stick with vanilla BG1:EE characters until SoD is out and has been experimented with?



  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 279
    Answering your last question first: yes, it will always be safer to stick with vanilla anything when updating to a new version, regardless of it it's a patch or an expansion or..

    Having said that, I expect that you'll be safe to modify the NPC's with EE Keeper, because those changes still conform to the vanilla savegame data format and should import without issue. SoD may or may not ignore those changes, depending on how it's importing from your savegame.

    It's probably safer not to use the BG1 original weapon proficiencies, since they rely on modified data files which may be restored on installing SoD, and/or may not be able to be modified by BG2 Tweaks right away (though chances are BG2 Tweaks will be compatible with SoD at launch, those modders do a great job of keeping up with the changes).

    SCS support will depend on the mod having access to the beta for SoD (or earlier access) for long enough to update for the changes.

  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,577
    Don't worry. Many actual modders, including people that created bg2 tweaks, are currently working on SoD. It shouldn't be long before it's completely mod compatible

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,301
    Frosty Journey's IWDEE only. But Eve of War will be SoD compatible (and will contain at least some specific SoD content when its released).

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