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Why are custom sounds still not working?



  • NinthboxNinthbox Member Posts: 8
    Yea... why not having a real fix instead of what lokk like a sketchy workaround....

    When I first bought this game, I was sincerely hopping for BG2 extensive voice set to be implemented in BGEE 1. How hard can it be to code this? Why can't we also add multiple character dialogs? Making a simple text file for newbs to custom code it would have been simple and great.

    I was hooping for a bit more customization here. BG has always been sketchy and full of work around to palliate for it'S bugs and problems...

  • TiaxRulesAllTiaxRulesAll Member Posts: 198
    I like how this thread was moved to the "fixed, Not an Issue" area.
    This is not fixed. Not yet. Its still an issue for some at least if not many.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I'll quote what I said in another thread, just in case it got lost in the shuffle:
    This might help facilitate the incorporation of new sound sets for players. A modder will need to modify Cuv's code to make it more user-friendly, but the framework is already there.
    It's no longer just a drag-and-drop unless you rename the files--but if you want to install sound sets outside of that range you can use Cuv's code to get it done.

  • TiaxRulesAllTiaxRulesAll Member Posts: 198
    edited March 2013
    I'm not sure if that was directed at me or to be as a kind of general promotion of Cuv's mod but.. english is my first language and I have been adding custom sounds in BG for years now and I have no idead what this means from the Cuv's mod link..

    I have created a fairly simple mod that will do much customization for you and you can just move the mod from install to install. This will install your Portraits, Scripts, Characters and Player Soundsets (with strings).

    So like, what does install my stuff mean? why cant i just move it to a folder. I know how to do that. Thats not the issue. The game doesn't work, not my file moving skills... unless of course I'm just not understanding why I need this mod to "install" sounds.
    And this from you..
    Aosaw said:

    It's no longer just a drag-and-drop unless you rename the files--but if you want to install sound sets outside of that range you can use Cuv's code to get it done.

    Still a little hard for me to grasp what you are saying here. The "range" that I want to go outside, are you talking about me wanting more then 10 customs sounds.. cause ya I want that. Does this Cuv know the secret to fixing this broken feature? No, I'm pretty sure it still limited. Unless again, I am completely misunderstanding you.

    I am beyond frustrated now because it seems like you guys love the functionality right now. It seems like you dont understand why I am upset. It seems like you keep nudging this workarounds towards me while thinking, I dont get it, why doesnt he just take it? Either we simply dont understand each other OR my assumption is correct, this is unfixable by the devs. Its broke and never will be like it was originally and they just can't SAY it plainly like that. Thats all I want.

    Will it work like original? (or dare I say Enhanced over the original?) yes, no
    If yes, can I expect that fix say, before another 3 months ticks bye? yes, no
    Sorry for the negativity but all I personally care about are those answers. If I can get a yes at least to the first one the I will keep this game installed and wait it out. If you cannot do this. Just tell me. I will uninstall this game leave the forums and never bother you guys again, promise.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    When I say it's not as simple as a drag-and-drop, that's because it's not. The way that it works now requires a reference in Charsnd.2da, because that's how we're able to allow things like strings to be tied to the sound set. It's a good feature that expands the possibilities of future mods.

    You can edit the 2da (which is included in Cuv's mod) and add a column for each of your sound sets with dummy string values, so that when you put the sounds in your sounds folder (and put the 2da in your override folder), everything will work the way you want it to.

    (Again, that's only if you're planning to step outside the CUSTOM0-9 list. If you just want to use a specific sound set you found online, you just need to rename the files with the CUSTOM#x naming convention and it'll work just fine.)

    The mod can be made even more user-friendly than that (someone earlier today was telling me about a command that could even add the columns for you without you having to open the 2da), but it still will require you to install them with WeiDU, just like most other mods that are available today; and it's something that a modder will have to handle. If you post something in the Modding subforum requesting it, I'm sure someone will be more than happy to help you do it or to do it for you.

    Again, that's the way it has to work in order to make the strings work. If it's too much work for you, or if you just don't like that it's different from the original game, then I'm sorry.

  • TiaxRulesAllTiaxRulesAll Member Posts: 198
    you say this string nonsesnse is a good thing. I dissagree. I would give up strings 100 percent of the time for more custom sounds. What the H is this string crap anyways? speech to text dialog? Useless and annoying turned off immediatly. You say this string change is good. I think its horrible. It ruined a perfectly good feature for what? "the possibility of future mods". give me a break. You guys cant get THIS sorted out properly.

    Since you didnt answer my questions yes or no im gonna assume no and this is my farewell to EE and return to TUTU. It sounds like you guys have given up restoring the easy functionality of the original. Way to go team, enjoy your strings.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Yes, it's the text that appears in the dialog window when the sound is played. It's a nice feature that makes the sound set feel more "professional", since it brings it closer to the way that the core sound sets are handled. It's unfortunate that it disrupts the easy installation of the original game, but as I said you can still get the same functionality with what is ultimately not that much effort. (really, if you want to just give me a list of the sound set names you use I'll be happy to create you a 2da file with all of the columns you need.)

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    And it looks like I missed the specific questions you asked, so to make it as clear as possible:

    No, it won't work the way it did in the original. But if you can be patient, and wait for a modder to create an installer that does the legwork for you, you might find that the results are even better in the long run.

  • AlrighterBabberAlrighterBabber Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2015
    Sorry to bump, there is a reason.

    I've posted in this thread on Reddit - - and I don't think JakeinSpace's solution has been posted here.

    Basically - in your My Docs folder, get to Icewind Dale, and where your portraits live, create a 'sounds' folder. Stick your sound sets in here and bob's your uncle.

    It didn't work for me, but some of you might have some luck. I also would like a 'simple' solution like TiaxRulesAll.

  • Capac_AmaruCapac_Amaru Member Posts: 21
    So... am I right in thinking that this basic piece of functionality hasn't been fixed in the three years I've been gone? And that it isn't intended to be fixed in the upcoming patch?

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