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Your account isn't provisioned for this title

AvariAvari Member Posts: 38
So, up until yesterday BG:EE was working fine. Then today I get "Your account isn't provisioned for this title" in the launcher when I open it.

Anyone had this?

I've rebooted both pc and internet, tried to re-download from my account and re-install, checked my Beamdog account that BG:EE is still listed under my games as well as sacrificed two chickens to Bhaal on my balcony.

I've only found one reference to this problem when asking Google, but no real details and it was from 2012.

Was gonna get a playthrough in during the Easter holiday in preparation for SoD, so any help appreciated :/

Edit: Come to think of it. I cancelled my SoD pre-order with support. Any chance something might have gone wrong there?


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