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I am really getting annoyed with the inability of this company's download server

I cant download the game. I bought it and I want to play it as I have 5 hours before my dnd tabletop meetup. If they cant figure out a way to make the game download then Im out and want a refund. This stuff has got to go. All the games did this and you figure they would get it right.

Here goes- The game wont let me download the big long file because everytime i go on server through link it says on email, it says go here and download the game. I did that and the connection says (after i put in password and email) server not found.

From here I tried to go on the regular games bg 1,2 IWd and go through there. Didnt work. The server is up there but it states that i am on offline which doesnt make sense as my connection is fine.

There's about 4 hours left before I abandon this game as I really cannot take 4 hours out of my day to get something to work which should work.

So if anyone knows something about the server i dont, I wont mind if you tell me because this is prally the only new game i WANTED to play.



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