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[Spoilers] The Umbral Accord

 TheArtisan TheArtisan Member Posts: 3,277
During the conversation between the Hephernaan and the Hooded Man, they mentioned the Umbral Accord which I assumed to be some kind of organization. Except... we find out at the end that Hephernaan is actually a fiend serving Belhifet and the Accord, to my knowledge, is never brought up again. I don't remember the name being brought up in Icewind Dale either. From what I can tell from the dialogue where it is mentioned Belhifet is part of it so it may be some kind of group of devils in the Nine Hells and even Jo-*ahem* I mean, you-know-who has some level of respect for them.

Now I messed up really badly while infiltrating Dragonspear castle and didn't learn anything about Hephernaan so I can't be sure nothing is mentioned there, but I'm wondering if anyone else caught something I missed.


  • Grimo88Grimo88 Member Posts: 191

    Suprised there is so little discussion about this. Is this a teaser for potential for a future BG story? Umbra means 'shadow' in Latin, and accord implies that there is an agreement, or treaty, or agreement between... shadowy wizards?

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    Actually, this is a mystery even to, I'm not lying.

    The Umbral Accord is, indeed, brought up during a single conversation between Hephernaan and the Hooded Man (that's the appropriate way to refer to him in SoD). Whether it's been put in as a teaser for a future expansion, as an introduction to a new enemy we might see in later writing, a missed opportunity to enhance the story, or something that had to be cut from the game only the writers themselves could tell you.

    You didn't miss anything, however, as far as I know, there are no additional mentions in this game to the Umbral Accord after this conversation. The accord does NOT come up in the basement of DSC.

    I'd also like ask @Artemius_I that you go ahead and put your first paragraph in spoiler tags please. Yes, I realize the thread is tagged with spoiler, but I still prefer that we double ensure people don't read what they don't want to. :)
  • ZilchkZilchk Member Posts: 46
    It's probably a new villainous organization for future expansion or that 7 cloaked figures in BG2 ending which also could be used for a dlc, they never were explained after all,
  • AmmarAmmar Member Posts: 1,295
    Zilchk said:

    It's probably a new villainous organization for future expansion or that 7 cloaked figures in BG2 ending which also could be used for a dlc, they never were explained after all,

    They were explained many times (not in game, but in interviews). The cloaked figures are the five enemy Bhaalspawn in ToB, they just didn't know how they were going to look at that point.
  • illathidillathid Member Posts: 320
    I assumed it was the group of Devils you found the meeting minutes for in Avernus.

    I could be wrong though.
  • KogornKogorn Member Posts: 104
    If I had to hazard a guess, I think it may have something to do with...

    the group of people you see at the end of the BG2ee ending discussing how to handle Gorion's ward, right before Throne of Bhaal begins. My guess is that the Umbral Accord likely includes "the five," as well as others who have an interest in Bhaal's ressurrection and power. This could include fiends.
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  • illathidillathid Member Posts: 320

    The members of this so-called Umbral Accord are probably the ones mentionned in the bloody minutes.

    Belhifet's superior must be Bel, Lord of the First, and this one probably isn't part of the Accord, hence why Belhifet needed an army in IWD to end his banishment.

    Belhifet might not be a direct subordinate to Bel, he could be an inferior to one of the dark 8 potentially. Another, less likely, scenario is that he's a subordinate to Tiamat. That could explain the Abishai you fight in Avernus.
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  • illathidillathid Member Posts: 320
    My actual guess was that they're there because they had the assets and made encounter design less boring. But it's cool to think about.
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