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Beginner questions =/

PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
So way back in the day, like 10 years ago, I dabbled with creating custom items for my personal use. I'd like to make myself a few items/spells again, but I haven't got a clue how to get started.

What tools do I need to download? Just how difficult would it be for me to learn how to do this with the EE versions? Is there any difference between making gear between BG2 and IWD (I'm assuming not, but want to be sure)? How would I go about adding my items into the game, maybe to a vendor so I don't have to console them in?

I just want to do basic things, like maybe making myself a custom sword, or altering spells and the like. I have no grandiose plans of hardcore modding...that's well above my pay grade lol.


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