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So I have a Idea

XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
Since i'm going to be upgrading my computer from emachines to something that can actually run a game i'm going to be doing a challenge play through of BGT-BG1 as a duet, No Reload, One a Lawful Evil Fighter-Mage-Thief Named Artin and the other a Lawful Evil Fighter-Mage-Cleric Named Ventis. The first update will happen today

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  • XeroshiXeroshi Member Posts: 182
    The two stand out side the Candlekeep inn
    When Ventis looks to Artin and says "so we should hurry to gorion and see what he wants dont you think?"
    "Yeah sure" Replies Artin
    and they head their way to gorion and have a quick conversation with Imoen

    Gorion tells them that they must leave, before Artin can say anything Ventis tells him that they are ready.
    In the middle of the night they are ambushed by a large Man in spiked armor, two ogres, and a mage Gorion yells for them to run and they run in the southern direction. When imoen greets them after their long night.

    They tell imoen to go on her own way and for them to meet up again and she agrees.
    Thats the end of the first part of this tale this is the first time ive ever wrote out my playthrough so i hope it isnt to terrible

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