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Bugs and glitches all over the place in my GOG game

AlonsoAlonso Member Posts: 745
Last week I installed GOG's version of BG2EE and I've found it's full of bugs and funny things. I describe just a few:

Alt + Tab crashes the game quite often.

The intro of the Black Pits movie displays some very weird text at the bottom of the screen that definitely doesn't belong there: "I will make changes. In five days, I will tell you the result of their work. Until then, speak with Lathan." It goes on like this for a while.

My installation file is called setup_baldurs_gate2_enhanced_edition_2.2.0.4.exe, which is funny, because, AFAIK, 2.2 hasn't been released yet. The game itself says the version is

I can create bug reports about this, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful because it looks like this isn't happening to other users. What's the best way of dealing with this?


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