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EEKeeper and Turn Undead

TheMetaphysicianTheMetaphysician Member Posts: 76
edited May 2016 in General Modding
I have a question for anyone who knows how to use EEKeeper: under the "Miscellaneous" tab, there is a "Turn Undead Level" entry. What does that do? I thought it might just state the character's Turn Undead level (simple, right?), but it is set to 0 even for cleric and paladin characters who can turn undead. Then I thought that it might be a Turn Undead level MODIFIER, which is still what I think it might be. But then I might expect it to be set at -2 for paladins, since they turn undead at 2 levels below their character level, but it is set at 0 even for paladin characters. Or maybe the paladin -2 Turn Undead level is hardcoded? Anybody know?

I'm interested because I like the idea (tossed about in these forums) of modifying an Undead Hunter to have the same functional Turn Undead level as a cleric, and I was wondering if this entry would be an easy way to do it with EEKeeper.

Edit: well, I ran into some undead, and tested this. I used EEKeeper to set the value of my level 7 cleric's Turn Undead Level under the Miscellaneous tab of EEKeeper to 8, 15, and 25, in addition to the default 0. I then went and turned some of the undead in the SoD dwarven mine. I could tell no difference in my cleric's turning power on any of the settings -- the same undead were destroyed, the same feared, the same immune, as far as I could tell.

Now I'm really confused.

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