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Just finished Siege of Dragonspear and I loved it

SethistoSethisto Member Posts: 12
I was actually pretty wary of this one and didn't get around to playing it for a while. The BG series is right up there with Dark Souls for my favorite games of all time, and I wasn't sure if a group could come in and make a bridge between the first and second game good enough. The SJW stuff floating around various sites I visit put me off. Worrying too much about that was a mistake.

I was hooked all weekend. It started off a little slow, and the small areas had me worried it would be a small expansion, but once it broke out of the starter city things got awesome. The loot was exciting (something modern RPGS have completely axed with the green/blue/purple randomly generated garbage system WoW created). The characters were a blast. The combat was super challenging on hard mode. The story was a lot of fun. I didn't run into any bugs or issues with the writing that many were harping on. There were a few derpy lines, but BG2 had plenty of it's own. It was just an overall great experience.

Pillars of Eternity just didn't do it for me. Beamdog really does seem to know how to recreate this series the way it was meant to be done. With modern RPGS becoming randomly generated quest tracker simluators, this is beyond refreshing.

I look forward to more!



  • GrifGrif Member Posts: 48
    Agreed! ...except the bit about Pillars of Eternity, that game is another gem in my books.

  • xzar_montyxzar_monty Member Posts: 629
    @Grif: PoE was very good up until the point when my group reached maximum XP right in the beginning of Act III (if that's what it was called). Haven't loaded my game since. All interest disappeared immediately. Very bad design, that.

    But I agree, until then it was great.

  • xzar_montyxzar_monty Member Posts: 629
    @AndrewFoley: SoD is excellent. The SJW smears were more an indication of current times than anything in the game (even if Mizhena's confession was too abrupt).

    If only I could get M'Khiin into BG2:EE and, perhaps via the Planar Sphere, get to see how Caelar is doing...

  • SethistoSethisto Member Posts: 12
    It was more a combo of things.

    BG has always been my favorite series. I get the itch to rebeat it at least every other year. I'm open minded and largely progressive, but the tumblr level social justice warriors take it to an obnoxious level that I feared would ruin the experience for me in SoD. The writer bragging about it in interviews didn't help and put me off big time.

    I'm glad I gave it a shot though. In the end, it's a great expansion and I let my fellow BG friends know it even if they were also put off by this. I'm crossing my fingers that it did well enough for more!

  • BelfaldurnikBelfaldurnik Member Posts: 208
    Sethisto said:

    Pillars of Eternity just didn't do it for me.

    To be fair, Pillars of Eternity plus The White March DLC is like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale combined, and playing it without getting the DLC is not what I would recommend. It's really great stuff with a high replayability factor, if you like discovering everything in the game yourself and trying out all classes, talents and companions. Except that the combat engine is very different, and playing at easy difficulty modes won't result in epic battles.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    edited June 2016
    I found PoE humourless, with counter-intuitive rules, and a less-than-epic feel. And the "endless paths" was boring as hell. I enjoyed playing it through once, but haven't returned to it, and haven't bought The White March.

    SoD is far superior.

  • SchmischmiSchmischmi Member Posts: 1
    Meme! I agreegree! I'm playing it right now and I had to make an account to tell you, I really like the game! I played the originals. You made me happy

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