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I did something naughty: gnome fighter/illusionist/thief ...

(by using a Tweak Pack option to unlock all multi-class combinations) ... and he's a beast! I'm currently running around beneath a certain place full of books, and my guy has just achieved 19 Strength - you know how. He achieved the last EXP he needed to turn fighter 5/illusionist 5/Thief 6 at the same time. Up to this point he's been an archer/thief and supporting spellcaster/wand-wielder (suppporting Edwin, Baeloth, and Branwen), but now it's time for the front line with a big sword. I imagine he'll be a bloody-handed god of the battle field by the time I reach Throne of Bhaal.

This guy rocks, and it's only a little bit against the rules.

Just wanted to say that.



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