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Quest Fallen Paladins

SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
Hey there,

I am working on the Fallen Paladin Quest. Like requested I did walk to the Bridge in Athkatla and have seen that the Paladins killes some people. Due to unforeseen circumstances they did get aggro on me and I had to kill them. The problem now: I can't proceed in this quest. Load an old savegame would kill 5-6 hours worth of gameing, so i hope someone could help me.
I've heard that you can trigger som Quest-Stages with a console. How do I activate the console and what I need to type in to go onto the next stage? I think I need to make a few jumps - jump once, get the cup form the radiant heart, jump again, get the cup beack and finish the quest, right?

Thanks a lot!


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,800
    Your issue here is that de Chatillion is likely to be dead and he is required in subsequent conversations. While it is possible to work around this it may be better to leave the quest unresolved.
  • SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2016
    Do you think the workaround will do more faults than to solve them or why so you think it is better to leave this quest unresolved?
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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,800
    You'd need to zip and attach a save for someone to look at. I would expect there is at least one variable to change and at least one character to console in and reset to show as not dead but there may be more.
  • SeraryaSerarya Member Posts: 7
    After searching may hours I've finally found the solution in a german forum:

    They are alking about useing the Shadowkeeper, but it also works with the EE-Keeber. You can Edit the Savegame with the EE-Keeper, go to global variables and delete the following Strings:


    Those variables are set when you got the Quest and killed the paladin without talking to him. After deledtig this strings and reloading I could re-initiate the Quest at the Order. Works perfect.
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