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Doubting the Shadows



  • TenreccTenrecc Member Posts: 265

    Tenrecc said:

    Anyway, this thread is for the playthrough, not a PfM/scrollcloning/moderation/illusion nerf discussion. So let's leave it at that and take this somewhere else.

    That is right and I apologize for the OT, I will also edit my previous posts hiding my textwalls as spoilers.
    But is also true that I was discussing an opinion of the OP: "and I'm still completely baffled that it's still in the game when all other kinds of Project Image abuse.....", opinion referred to scroll cloning, not only to PfM scroll cloning.
    I know, I'm not saying you did anything wrong, just that this can easily turn into a very lengthy discussion and I'd rather take it somewhere appropropriate.

    And yes, I should've been more concise about what I meant - PfM cloning in particular, not scroll cloning per se (although it's pretty cheesy, it's nowhere near what PfM does to the game and nothing I'd restrain myself from if needed either).

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