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[Windows] Cannot start certain sequence in SoD (Spoilers)

MoaanMoaan Member Posts: 17

I cannot start the parley sequence in SoD.
Let me share the background:
I found out very late about Ziviak's vision quest, when I read a walkthrough for the underground river. So I aqcuired them via console after finishing The Warrens and moved myself to all the areas where visions where reported, where I had already been and could not go back to. Stupidly, I also moved myself (again, via console) to Dead Man's Pass (DMP) after moving myself to the Allied Camp, where I was told to go to Dead Man's Pass for the parley. As I moved myself to DMP, the sequence was not iniated and I looked for the visions. I then went (normally) back to the Allied camp and from there, travelled (normally) to DMP, but the sequence did not initiate. I am now stuck at this point. I already looked over all the global variables in EEKeeper, but did not find anything relating to the parley. Can you tell me which variable should have which value so I can initiate the parley sequence in DMP once I travel there?
I only installed Mods for BG2EE, as far as I know (installed them in the BG2EE-folder), but the scripts changed in SoD after installing, too. I also upped my stats using EEKeeper, but I changed to XP-cap. But since I could initiate the Parley-sequence without a problem before starting Zaviak's vision quest, I assume the problem lies with me moving my party to DMP via console.




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