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[Request] Master Thread of Externalization Requests



  • GalactygonGalactygon Member, Developer Posts: 382
    I don't think this was mentioned before, it's a major request from the modding community. The request has to do with increasing the number of hardcoded slots for selectable wizard/priest spells.

    Existing behavior: At the moment selectable priest spells are in the format SPPR[1-7]xx.spl while wizard spells are in the format SPWI[1-9]xx.spl. All of these spells have a corresponding four digit ids value. The four digit ids values are in the form of abbb where a can be 4 values: 1 for priests, 2 for wizards, 3 for innates, and 4 for class specific, while bbb can be any three digit number. This means for each level there are theoretically up to 100 usable spells or the amount specified by spells.2da (which is 50). The problem is that the SPWI9xx slots are almost filled with unused NPC spells from Baldur's Gate 1, which greatly limits the number of usable slots for modders.

    Desired behavior: Create new hardcoded slots that appear in the spell selection screen and can be used by the scripting actions that reference the ids values. These slots can be used by modders and otherwise do not affect existing slots or gameplay.

    Suggested method: Create the new hardcoded slots by introducing new prefixes. Perhaps something like SPPT for priests and SPWD for wizards, SPIE for innates, and SPCS for class. These prefix names are just arbitrary examples I threw up and would otherwise function exactly like the corresponding SPPR, SPWI, SPIN, and SPCL prefixes. There would only be one difference: in scripting, the first integer would not be in the range 1-4 but 5-8. So SPPT would be 5, SPWD would be 6, SPIE would be 7, and SPCS would be 8. For example SPPT316 would have a scripting and ids value of 5316 (much like SPPR316 would be 1316) and be automatically given to priests subjects to class/alignment restrictions normally, SPWD804 would be 6804 (like SPWI804 would be 2804) and would be given to sorcerers/learned by wizards at new game, and so on. This would effectively give 100 new hardcoded slots per level for the modders to work with.

  • DiamondBootsDiamondBoots Member Posts: 8
    I just got started playing BG2EE and I have a request:

    Externalize soundset subtitles

    I was upset to see that the soundsets from BG1EE were not included in BG2EE while importing my character. I copied the soundset from BG1EE, and it basically functions, but there are no subtitles obviously. Apparently 1.2 enabled the use of custom soundsets without replacing a default one or naming them "CUSTOM1", and I thank you for that. But as far as I know, there isn't any way to put in subtitles without tinkering with the game files using special programs. This is also an issue for people who wish to add brand new custom soundsets.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    CHARSND.2da is a table listing the strings that are used for character sound sets. You'll need to modify the dialog.tlk file, but you can absolutely change what strings are displayed.

  • DiamondBootsDiamondBoots Member Posts: 8
    I think that method is a little too obtuse and having to edit it manually every time you install another soundset is cumbersome. It could stand to be simpler for the end user.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,019
    Forgot to post about it here but I made a thread earlier to request to have the cooldown timer to activate stealth externalized.

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 1,998
    elminster said:

    Forgot to post about it here but I made a thread earlier to request to have the cooldown timer to activate stealth externalized.

    I've also requested that some time ago:

  • GreenerGreener Member Posts: 387
    edited August 2014
    I would like the ability to give a specific kit an extra weapon proficiency initially, or change the rate of gain for a specific kit without affecting the entire class. If possible can PROFSMAX.2DA be expanded to include kits, as adjusting maximum proficiencies/level could be an excellent modding tool for kit development

    Furthermore can XPLEVEL.2DA be expanded to include kits, as adjusting XP/level is also an excellent modding tool for kit development, without affecting the parent class

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,148
    edited November 2014
    Since executable patching in the EEs using WeiDU makes the game crash at startup (so I can't prevent Yoshimo from being taken away in ToB for the Keeping Yoshimo mod), I wanted to ask if the creatures that are removed from your party in ToB could be externalized to a .2DA file instead, an example of the file would be:
    2DA V1
    YOSHIMO 36271
    IMOEN2 36718
    SCRIPT_NAME being the column for the NPCs death variable/script name and the STR_DISP for the string that is going to be displayed atte top of the NPCs' head when they're taken away.

  • IchigoRXCIchigoRXC Member Posts: 1,001
    I know I am being a little necromantic... but do we know how many of these requests were fulfilled? So many cool suggestions going on here.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,577
    edited March 2016
    It would be nice if the maximum and minimum resistance limits were softcoded. I don't know much about the code for resistances, but I'm guessing that since it goes from -128% to 127% there might be some technical reason why it can't be set to whatever you want. At the very least I would like it if the resistances could be made to go from -32768% to 32767%.

    Regardless of whether Beamdog wants to go through the trouble of implementing this for the current EE games, it'll be important if they ever make a PST:EE. In PST, Ignus has a spell that is supposed to set his Fire Resistance higher than 127% but it doesn't work if the max resistance is 127%.

  • mf2112mf2112 Member, Moderator Posts: 1,919
    @AndreaColombo Is it possible to externalize the Contingency and Chain Contingency conditions please?

  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
    I would like to request exernalized animation walking sounds similar to what TobEX does with aniwksnd.2da.

    Currently there seems to be no way to get rid of the "big maggive creature walking sound" that is attached to a lot of the empty animation slots.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    The list in the top post of this thread is no longer being maintained (Andrea left Beamdog a while ago to pursue other interests). If you have an externalization request, I recommend starting a new thread to discuss it.

  • Ironhammer33Ironhammer33 Member Posts: 54
    Dear Devs,

    Please consider adding (3.5 Ed) Goliaths in any upcoming games and even patches for whatever BG engine (or not) games you work on in the future.

    Personally, it is my favorite race, and I have always wanted to play a (3.5 Ed) Goliath Barbarian or Monk via PC since my tabletop gaming group fell through years ago.

    Please, please, please consider adding (3.5 Ed) Goliaths to such an amazing group of games.

    Thank you for reading my post. Cheers!

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