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Chatty Mazzy

JaxsbudgieJaxsbudgie Member Posts: 600
So I tried to make a redmine account but couldn't get past registration (what the hell do you put in the confirmation box... it wouldn't accept my password a second time, anyway...) so I'm posting it here (sorry guys!)

So I have both Mazzy and Valygar in my group and I think I've narrowed the bug down to whenever Mazzy uses one of her abilities in that when it finishes she acts as is the player is constantly clicking on her. She only does this when in sight of Valygar, I'm guessing it's because she wants to initiate dialogue with him. I've read of this problem before and it has something to do with a dialogue she says when fatigued or outside at night, but it won't trigger.

Annoyingly I'm playing this on the iPad so can't quite delve into the game files as easily as I could on a PC...

Anyone else had his issue? Any way of resolving it? Also, if I boot her out she runs up to me but dialogue doesn't start, thus making her unreceuitable. Doubly irritating!


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