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Werewolf Island: Karoug quest doesn't close properly [resolved]

MegatoeristMegatoerist Member Posts: 4
edited August 2016 in Troubleshooting
Hi all,

I took my party to Werewolf Island, and eventually faced Karoug. However, upon his death, he didn't drop the missing baby, and his quest didn't register as closed. When I now talk to the villagers, they all thank me for helping them. When I talk to Kaishas, I still only get the option that I didn't yet kill all of the wolfweres. I explored the entire north island, and there seem to be no more wolfweres for me to fight (unless I sleep).
Did something go wrong with my game, and is there an easy way to fix this? (I already used EE Keeper to put the missing baby in my inventory, but I don't know the correct global variable to make the quest advance...)

Thanks a lot!

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