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Can't Use Old Character Files in BG or BP campaign with SoD installed [Solved?]

DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
edited September 2016 in Troubleshooting
Game Version:
WIndows 10

Thought I would use some of the character files I had exported in pre-SoD BGEE, but discovered that SoD would not detect the old files at all. I thought it was a matter of the file directory at first, but exporting a character in SoD saved the character files to the same place (IE. in Documents). This is all with the Beamdog version. Was there some sort of issue with compatibility or something? Filename length restrictions? Any help would be appreciated.

Addendum: It would appear that this affects the BGEE and Black Pits campaigns only. Character files properly show in SoD.

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  • DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
    Well, this just keeps getting odder. I also noticed that there are some issues with portraits beginning with a capital letter. The large portrait works, but the small side portrait doesn't adjust the larger to fit. Add a lower case letter (I favour "c") in front of it, and... working small portrait.

    Also, can someone please confirm if this isn't just me?

  • DurandalisDurandalis Member Posts: 35
    Appear to have figured out the problem myself.

    I had numbers at the start of the filename (ie: 15CHARNAME.chr). This would appear to have prevented the BGEE and BP campaigns from acknowledging the character files. I removed the numbers from the start of the file and the program would properly allow me to import them again through the character creation screen.

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