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Edwin Degarden dialogue bug

I seem to have ran into a bug that I've never experienced before, in either a modded or unmodded version of BG2 (EE or otherwise).

I've just come back from the underdark portion of the quest (Edwin became Edwina on Brynnlaw), and decided to finally get the Firkraag quest out of the way. After finishing that, I left the dungeon and was encountered by Degarden for the second time. All proceeds as normal, with Edwin thanking him and then trying to kill him, but after Degarden is dead, all Edwin will do is repeat his half of the conversation with Degarden from before the fight.
I've tried multiple reloads without success, is this a known bug for appearing in the Windspear Hills? And is there a CLUA code I can use to advance to Edwin's next dialogue afterwards?


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