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Has anyone else noticed you can get Adjantis to join your party in the same area you meet Viconia again, he's kind of near Corwin's daughter. I didn't notice him until my 2nd play through, and didn't actually take him anywhere, just asked him to join to see if it was possible. It was.

I haven't noticed anyone else bring him up though.


  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,790
    Where would that be? Can you post a screenshot?

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    I'll try to remember in my next play through. But he's easy to find.

    Once you tell Corwin you're ready to leave Baldur's Gate... Then have a scene with Irenecus and Imowen in you're room, the next screen is just outside the ducal palace where a crowd had gathered to watch you leave.

    It's the same small area where you can pick up Viconia by telling her to ditch the Duregar and join you instead. It's also where you meet Corwin's daughter.

    I missed him in my first play through because there's so many people on the screen but he's standing close to your party.

    I was really surprised because no one has mentioned him yet. I asked him to join the party just to see if he would and he did. But I removed him again because I was playing a pally already and didn't really want another one.

    I will probably take him on my next play through just to see him interact with the others.

    Anyway the main reason I joined these forums was because after googling his name it seems like no one has mentioned him in SoD.

  • markzakumarkzaku Member Posts: 34
    I'm pretty sure this is either a bug or a mod. Ajantis isn't one of the featured companions in SoD.

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    Weird, I'm not running any mods. Could be a bug. It did seem odd to me since no one else had mentioned it. Just a very strange bug if that's what it is.

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    Actually in thinking back on it, I started in bg 1 with the plan of going through the entire series.

    Minsc had gotten chunked in durlag's so I picked up adjantis as a second tank for the final fight. So I did bring him into the prolog with me, and coran as well.

    Still doesn't explain why he was on that map, but I had brought him into the game. So, definitely a bug if no one else has seen him, but maybe not as crazy a bug as I first thought.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,790
    He is not there for me, definitely. I started a new game for SoD so I obviously didn't have him in the party.
    (I want to meet him in SoD, too! I am jealous. But yes, I fear it's a bug.)

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    I did a quick run through of the prolog on story mode with a brand new party- the good aligned party they give you to start with if you're not carrying over from BG 1- and he wasn't there for me either.

    So, sorry for the much ado about nothing, must have been a random bug...

    I was kind of suspicious since no one else seemed to have noticed and I am late to the SoD party, but one can always hope.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,790
    Still, funny coincidence. I checked the area and the area script, but there is no reference to Ajantis. I will have a look out once I finish and carry over with my BG party including him, though. There is always hope. :-) (Ajantis fan girl here.)

  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 881
    An early bug made it so Shar-Teel would never leave your party if you finished BG1 with her. Might be the same kind of bizarre behavior with Ajantis.

  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,611
    He would be a welcome addition to SoD @jastey :)

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    Kurona said:

    An early bug made it so Shar-Teel would never leave your party if you finished BG1 with her. Might be the same kind of bizarre behavior with Ajantis.

    Now that you mention that I wonder... I believe he was wearing plate and a helmet when I disbanded him, he could have been on every screen during that chapter and I just mistook him for a random flaming fist. Since I was playing through it again I think I was rushing around not paying much attention at that point anyway so its possible he was there the whole time and I only noticed when I accidentally clicked on him.

    I think it actually makes more sense that he was somehow still attached to my party than he just appeared on a single random area.

  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 1,790
    Guess until I finish BG:EE with my party they'll have fixed it (sigh - seems I will have to mod him in if I want him there ;-) @Ravenslight Thank you! I have ideas for the SoD part but currently no time to mod.)

  • cherryzerocherryzero Member Posts: 129
    Glad my bug ridden bumbling could be of service!

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