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Engine stress?

MeaninglessMeaningless Member Posts: 51
edited October 2016 in General Modding
Hello everyone!

Hopefully some of you can shed light at this before I have to screw my own install to find out LOL.

Being a 'dinossaur' from this game and loving to pile up mods + trilogies (EET probably gonna be the new thing), I've seen the engine stressed to a point that effects/scrips would take a while to activate (or the game would even stutter in situations of combat, crowded areas and the like), and the bar (at least in vanilla) is lower than most people think.

Having not done that in EE yet, I'm afraid it hits the same ground because the issue was not hardware related, even running the game on a powerhouse did little/nothing to remedy the situation, was a software limitation, there was only so much the engine could handle before behaving erratically.

For this reason I ask to those of you who play at max framerate and already dared to pile up mods, specially mods that expand scripts and pile up effects/constant checks being fired all the time: How does the EE fares in this regard? I would expect the same behaviour as vanilla, but please surprise me!

This is something I would really appreciate to get an answer to, not just as insight and future advice, but as a warning for new modders to be mindful at what they intend on doing (it if it can't be done in a simple way, might not be worth doing), even if our hardware is godly, there is only so much a 90's engine can cope.

So what do you my fellow pioneers of giga-modificatios have to report?

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