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Is there a mod that undoes Beamdog's gameplay changes in BG?



  • BelegCuthalionBelegCuthalion Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 451
    Well ...
    i always gave Montaron darts back then, because he's the fast-and-sneaky type who's not opposed to play it unfair (with poisoned darts and all). Knifes, short swords, daggers, darts ... everything small and fast but not too fancy was right for my kind of Montaron. To me, this was "common sense" (at least mine).

    Slings ... well, not the totally wrong choice, him being a halfling. not very creative though.

    Crossbows though ... to me is for some big and strong guy who's acting slow but then hits hard, even when doing things ranged. For such a character, darts, slings and bows are to agile, crossbow is right. So Crossbows for me are smallest for a dwarf and bigger/stronger types, but not for a halfling, partially fighter or not. To me, this was "common sense" (at least mine).

    So we are at a dilemma here ... if you undo everything Beamdog did "wrong", it would be a different "right" than my "right" would be.

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,303
    edited October 2016
    I think basically whichever way you go you can't win. Halflings do however get bonuses to using slings, and Montaron never started with a crossbow (even with his later levels). So the sling is about as good a choice as any. :)

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  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,303
    Yes according to the 2nd edition players handbook they should be getting it for throwing weapons as well as slings.

  • artificial_sunlightartificial_sunlight Member Posts: 601
    @chimeric I like to help out on specific changes. If you want to give Montaron a x-bow pip at level ons it's not hard to do. And Im sure removing 2 flaming fist, free plate mail, is not hard to do.

    But I think you need to make a list, because there are already a lot of mods out there.

  • InKalInKal Member Posts: 161
    edited October 2016
    chimeric said:

    No they aren't, but you have to know this to know this. It's like bad writing. Those who can't write think "bad" is subjective and rebel against standards to high heaven. They'd have to become good to know what good is, and then - what is better than good. Yep, it's a catch 22 and completely non-democratic and unfair. ;)

    Don't tell me that you can't edit Montaron's proficiencies in EEKeeper...? ;p

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