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Modding Wild Magic

seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 120
What are all the component that make up wild magic? I've found the WILDMAG.2DA, and the associated SPWM* spells. Several slots in the 2da have an *, which seems to indicate the spell casts normally, but sometimes with an having a 60' area effect range (wild surge 90). Where does the extra effect come from?


  • seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 120
    After doing some more experimenting trying to get specific wild surges to show occur all the time, I think I have a misunderstanding of wild surges.

    I thought that the higher the wild surge, the better the result. That you rolled 1d100 _ wild mage level and hoped to get as close to 100 as possible.

    Certain things I've read and experimentation is showing it might not work linearly like that.

    It seems like bonuses to wild surges like chaos shield literally do what they say...improve chances of a good wild surge...and GOOD being defined as your intended spell is actually cast! It does not read the wildmag.2da linearly it seems, some internal, hardcoded logic picks whats a good effect for your circumstances if you have a high positive roll.

    Using opcode 281 to set surges to 89 or 90 is NOT producing the area effect surge. Instead its producing surges that always cast my intended spell, with random weird graphics that do nothing. I'm using an item with opcode 280 set to make every spell a wild surge. Even when used on a non wild mage, every spell casts fine , with some odd visual with opcode 281 set to 89 or even lower.

    Does this sound accurate from everyone elses experience? Is it possible to force a specific wild surge (other than 100) all the time?

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