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Help me choose my next game from this list

mement0mement0 Member Posts: 105
edited October 2016 in Off-Topic
I am in-between games right now. I can only pick one, as my free time is very limited.

Here is my list in random order:

1) Replay BG2 and ToB with a Berserker/Cleric dual. Playable character is now 9/9 sitting in Irenicus' dungeon. Played him from the start of the saga, never got to activate both classes even in the end of SoD.
2) Experience Torchlight 2 endgame with a level 85 engineer (NG++ and mapworks) whom I abandoned years ago after finishing the main story.
3) Start anew an IWD run. I have progressed quite far with this in the past, but never got to the end. Maybe now its the time to complete it.
4) Second run of Pillars of Eternity. By the way I always enjoy 2nd runs more than the first. A little metagame knowledge makes it more fun, for me at least.

I could also focus on another genre:
5) Maybe play some Doorkickers, in which I occasionally dip my toes but never seem to go in depth.
6) Also thinking of buying Mother Russia Bleeds.

Tyranny was also in my list, but I decided to wait for the inevitable price drop in a few months.




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