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Is there any reason to buy the original Icewind Dale instead of the Enhanced Edition?

Hi guys. I'm a newbie to Icewind Dale - never played any of the IWD games.

Is there any reason I would not buy the IWD:EE, and instead buy the original IWD? Or is it a no brainier to buy the Enhanced Edition?

I would also like to play Icewind Dale 2. I am assuming there won't be any EE's for that game, or at least not anytime soon?

I am assuming one cannot import characters from the IWD:EE to the sequel. Is that perhaps a reason to buy the original? Is this a big deal, or is importing not important?

Any help and opinions are appreciated! :smile:



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,466
    The EE version is pretty much better in every way. New content and classes etc. Icewind Dale 2 probably won't get an EE, at least not anytime soon. But you wouldn't be able to transfer characters over anyway. 2 runs on a very different ruleset.

  • inethineth Member Posts: 555
    edited October 2016

    The only time I've seen someone have a reason to stick to the original, was a veteran player who had played the original game so often and gotten so used to exploiting certain bugs in it for cheese tactics, that he couldn't cope with the fact that those bugs were fixed by the EE... :mrgreen:

    For a newcomer, the EE is definitely a no-brainer.
    The modernizations alone make it worth it. Just look at some screenshots how tiny everything was in the original game, you can barely make out the faces on the portraits for example. The EE has a UI designed for modern screen sizes, and improved usability that is (more) in line with what modern gamers have come to expect.

    The new gameplay features (dual-wielding, kits, more classes...) and improved modding support are just a bonus.
    Some of the new features are a bit controversial, in particular the newly introduced Sorcerer class which is kinda overpowered compared to the traditional Wizard class. But that's no reason to stick to the original game - simply don't build a Sorcerer character if you care strongly about class balance.

    PS: If you buy IWD:EE on GOG, you also get the original IWD for free. Not sure how it works on other distribution platforms.

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  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 789
    As it stands 1.4 is a straight upgrade in every aspect and I'm usually a sucker for noticing details and bugs.

    until 2.0, IWDEE is a definite enhancement

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,466
    Its even more of an enhancement after 2.0, its much more stable, has anew class and various new bug fixes. The Interface is changed though, its far more functional but a lot of old players are allergic to change.

  • SolanSolan Member Posts: 2
    Thanks guys, I'll get the EE.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,466

    2.0 is released?

    When it eventually is. Someone mentioned that 2.0 will ruin the EE. I gave my two cents on why I disagree.

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