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Multiclassing and mods

ShadowGambitShadowGambit Member Posts: 20
edited October 2016 in General Modding
Hello all,

I have a technical question about multiclassing and mods:

When we apply a mod for a class/kits, do that affect the multiclass characters also?

And if it does, can we apply a modded kit to a multiclass with EE Keeper or any other way?

I actually like the Rogue Feats system from @subtledoctor Might_And_Guile mod, as far as I can read from it. It gives you a lot of flexibility to create your own type of rogue.

I've always been a roguish-sniper-caster type of player, so I want to try to make Rogue Archer, so the M&G system may be able to give me that without going the F/M/T route, only with the T/M route... I'm even more thrilled that Subledoctor in thinking about integrating the bards in his system, giving me the possibilities to get closer to the Sniper-bard I envisioned.

After all, as my favorite Super Hero being Gambit from the Xmen, it is suitable that my character be a roguish -charismatic-mage of some sort, throwing magic missiles, darts or dagger instead of cards (or xbow in last resort)..... and using staff.

My female super hero being Psylocke, Swashbuckler (Psychic)/Mage (illusionist? If I choose a gnome would it work?)
multi would be perfect... using Katana's and Psychic blade of course.

And to complete my Xmen Team, I would have (all multi)
- Gambit: Sniper (Thief kit)/Mage
- Psylocke: Swashbuckler/Mage
- Storm: Cleric of Talos/Mage... Lightnings and more lightnings, clouds etc.
- Colossus: Dwarven Defender/Cleric.... The definition of tank... with hammer/flail (I would have prefer him to be a Half Orc, just because that the size is more suitable for RP, but the shorty bonus is nice) and shield.
- Wolverine: Barbarian/Druid... DW Scimitars with rage and Ironskin... with a CON of 20+ for the regen, for the RP side B)

Last spot for NPC for the quests, otherwise not needed.

So anyway, how I can get my Xmen team up?

Thanks guys.

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