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Near Infinity bug? Or something else?

KheronKheron Member Posts: 13
Sorry if I keep spamming bugs here, but I hope there's some use from these reports.

So made some new spells with NI, shapechanges that come along with special abilities that
also disappear after the polymorph is over.

So when the spell goes off the character gets "give innate ability" certain spell.

And when it's over a delayed effect "Remove Spell" comes into play.

Now 95% of the time it works perfectly. Then, certain spells however do not get removed!

What's more is that those spells are impossible to remove AND they don't even show up on EE Keeper (the savegame editor) What's up with that? The only way to remove the spells is to delete it from game files.

So two weird things, the spell doesnt remove and doesnt show on EE Keeper.


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