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Just finished Baldurs gate:ee for the first time, never played the original!

Fantastic game, never actually played an isometric rpg before, liked the lack of hand holding and the strategy involved in the fights!, started again a few times due to lost saves, or bad party setups but my eventual winning team was quite balenced. Goriens ward was a paladin cavelier, acting as a decent tank with some utility and healing.

Khalid another tank, less utility but more hp, they were quite similar dps and armour values though.

Minsc was my primary melee dd, did more damage than the tanks, not quite as much armor,

Imoen, my thief, left her as ranged and a master of picking locks and disarming traps,

Neera was my dd mage, i think wild mages are a bit op, being allowed to cast all spells and still having extra spell slots, the wild surges didnt happen very often to make it a significant disadvantage,

then i ended up wth Faldorn who was my primary healer. plus she could summon stuff that was a nice distraction and soaked up some damage.

Now on to siege of dragonspear and then BGII.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,962
    It's always so good to see new people starting to like BG.

  • HudzyHudzy Member Posts: 297
    I'm curious about what fate had in store for Jaheira since Faldorn replaced her.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,152
    Hudzy said:

    I'm curious about what fate had in store for Jaheira since Faldorn replaced her.

    Well, considering it's a Fighter-heavy party there's no use in having Jaheira (F/D) when you can have a single-class Druid (best healer in BG1 as they have access to level 5 spells) like Faldorn.

    But since it's his/her first time I guess he just got Jaheira killed and dropped her along the way (I did the same, a lot of times back then, because I didn't know you could raise your dead on Temples).

  • jamiehavokjamiehavok Member Posts: 11
    Yeah when i met faldorn i just made her run from the rest of the group and get killed by a bear or something... i forget! I recued dynaheir before talking to minsc and immediatly got her killed by the gnolls in the area!

    Yeah i figured out you could raise in temples but my inventory was so full up most of the time when someone died trying to get all there stuff off their corpse then running to a temple to raise them was too much of a pain since they raise with empty inventory, far easier to reload a save!

    Little way through SoD now, don't like how it seems rather linnear, think it should have been a direct continuation from the game so you could go back and do old quests and TOTSC content if you want. Also why am i forced to use the dreary new ui even with the original game after i install sod, should be an option of going back to the yellow themed ui if you want! It's not all bad though seems like a decent step up in in difficulty, and i quite enjoyed the opening dungeon.

    Congratulatuons. :)

    It's great to see new players still appreciating how good it was/is.

    So now..............your next playthrough, who you going to take, what class are you going to play, what's your thoughts on the mechanics of the 2E ruleset as opposed to later versions, how do you see yourself as a power gamer, is excessive "cheese" acceptable....................

    Step away from the forum now if you value your sanity......... or abandon all hope and come over to the BG side.........

    lol i doubt ill play again for a while, after i have finished sod and bg2 i might check out pillers of eternity, if i do, i quite fancy doing a solo playthrough or making a complete cast of my own characters or doing multiplayer co op if i can find someone else to play with! I have no experience with dnd rules, before playing i googled how thac0 and armor rating works, that's pretty much it!

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