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How have you dealt with...? (SPOILERS)

...the green dragon at Bhaals Temple entrance? I had to pass while he slept, because when I tried to attack him (and I tried several times) I was quickly defeated. My party wasnt the most powerful one exactly (my main character is a 7th level cleric, with Safana, Corwin, Baeloth and Rasaad, not the best of the best, as you can see). However, given the number of Wyverns plus the dragon, what are your tactica to defeat it?


  • gesellegeselle Member Posts: 325
    1. get a 6th member
    2. cast protection from fear before charging with rasaad alone at the dragon
    3. after wing buffet, the dragon will use stone skin, you need a bunch of attacks to remove it.
    4. while corwin and safana remove one stone skin layer after another have baeloth firing magic missiles at the dragon
    5. drink potions, and drink and drink and drink

    the dragon is not that hard. edwin would be best a 6th member to get rid of the dragon.

  • MrGuseMrGuse Member Posts: 30
    edited April 2016
    For me, the problem wasn't the dragon, but the damn wyverns. Your biggest issue is going to be your distinct lack of a real fighter, so Dorn or Minsc might be a better option for you than Edwin.

    So, Prot. from Fear (as geseelle said) is paramount. Also, potions of strength on front-line fighters, haste, bless, etc. Baeloth must (MUST) have breach. Dragons do too much damage to effectively whittle down stoneskins at your level. Also, buy greater healing potions if you can afford it. So, your cleric, new fighter, and Rasaad charge in (and yes, deal with an annoying wing buffet), while Safana and Corwin grief with arrows. Baeloth is to a) remove stoneskin with breach, and b) fireball incoming wyverns (hopefully catching the dragon in the mix).

    Again, my problem was the greater wyverns, which are a challenge without a freakin dragon on top of them. Have antidotes ready. Good luck.

  • justfeelinathomejustfeelinathome Member Posts: 353
    Insect Plague from Jaheira plus Harm from my druid PC, who's Thac0 I lowered with Hill Giant Girdle, DuHM, Weapon Expertise Gauntlets and Balduran's Helmet (Haste for extra attack). I know that this won't help you, but it was just too hilarious to see a dragon get killed by an insect bite, not to share it. :smiley:

    Other than that, I agree with Geselle.

  • Quill_ArmguardQuill_Armguard Member Posts: 36
    I found that dealing with the wyverns became easier when starting above the green dragon (right top). The wyverns need to pass the dragon first and will end up with the character that has the lowest AC. By then the dragon was dead, in much the same way as explained above.

  • FrancoisFrancois Member Posts: 452
    I'm reviving this thread because I just fought it for the first time and quite an interesting occurence it was. I decided to blast him with a wand of lightning while he slept, just to see. He got no damage because of MR but surprisingly it didn't wake him up. A second bolt hit him hard to ''Injured'' and then he woke up and wyverns appeared. Another bolt killed it outright, just after he poisened my whole party. I stepped out to cure and got back in to finish the wyverns all in a row, with lightnings, Aganazars scorchers and flame strikes. There was also a juvenile dragon along with the wyverns (I'm on hard difficulty, but with no damage increase). I don't know what kind of stats that dragon has, so I don't know how lucky I was with my ''strategy''.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    There is an easter egg if you attack it with the right weapon.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,247
    A Blade with Defensive Spin and the right buffs with Corwin shooting from the cave entrance kind of makes a joke out of it.

  • Abi_DalzimAbi_Dalzim Member Posts: 1,410
    Anything involving a hasted Corwin will make a joke out of it. Btw, the dragon's a girl; the half-dragon priestess in the temple calls it her sister.

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 2,147
    Managed the fight on "insane" but it took a lot of tries.

    M'Khiin's "Writhing Fog" spell and "insect plague" were vital, as were summons to keep some distance between NPC and the wyverns because of poison breathe spells.
    Used summoning wand, the "stone golum" summon thing, (that was very useful) and with a little space, as many skellies as possible.
    The limit is 5, so start with a skelleton, and stone golum, the dragon wakes up so then you need fast summons, so use the wand to the limit. And keep plugging the gaps. Everybody using ranged weapons.

    When you enter the cave, if you start summoning the dragon wakes up, so pre buff. I did try and move into the cave and find a more advantageous position but found I was then attacked from two directions. It was better to have a solid wall of summons to allow your mages to work their spells, so ended up fighting from the entrance.

    Web catches some of them, that helped. Fear caught some wyvens as well. Both faster spells than insect summons so you get time for that to be fired and the web and cloud can be pre cast.

    I don't think I ever have used melee to fight any dragon, sometimes I think I should be out there thumping them with a weapon but that never seems to end well for me. On occasion I have run up to the dragon (Firkrag ect.) and waved a sword at them when they are very injured, but it's for show more than anything.

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